E.MI GEL SYSTEM Soft Pinк Jelly 50 gr.

Soft Pinк Jelly 50 gr.

Soft Pink Jelly Gel is a camouflage jelly gel to create ideal laying French-manicure

• Thick jelly gel of a tender pink colour has perfect camouflage property, ideally hides nails unevenness and drawbacks and is soft in filing.
• Camouflage natural tone make the transition from natural nail to artificial smooth and doesn’t have a border line while growing.
• The gel is flexible, malleable and keeps the height. Due to high viscosity Soft Pink Jelly Gel is ideal for sculpturing in one drop and for several nails simultaneously.
• Multifunctional. Jelly gel is perfect both for laying French-manicure technique and classical nail modeling.

Soft Pinк Jelly 50 gr.