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NAILDRESS This creative course incorporates a variety of technique mixes with Velvet Sand, gel Liquid Stones, EMPASTA, TEXTONE, foil (perfect
casting), pigments (new wiping technique #SatinEffect). Unique original slider-designs NAILDRESS, executed in the form of ready-made patterns, reveal the creativity of master and offer endless possibilities for combining forms,
textures and materials.
NAILDRESS manicure looks very complicated and glamorous, and the master easily creates and searches for new combinations.
  • NAILDRESS - with the slider-designs;
  • A new technique of incrustation;
  • Imitation leather Louis Vuitton and Dior;
  • PRINCOT gel + #GLOSSEMI - a new technique
  • of casting;
  • Chasing and mirror manicure with #GLOSSEMI;
  • Wiping technique #SatinEffect with pigments;
  • Ethnic prints - using the matte foil;
  • Velvet Sand and Liquid Stones.
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